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Portfolio Websites

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  1. LaGuardia Community College
    1. Making Connections: ePortfolios, Integrative Learning and Assessment Conference
      at LaGuardia Community College, April 11-12, 2008,  

      1. Schedule - /ScheduleAtAGlance_4_8.pdf

      2. Program - /MakingConnectionsProgram_040408.pdf

      3. Keynote Address - Perfect Storms and Tectonic Shifts: The Role of ePortfolio in Educational Change
        Dr. Kathleen Blake Yancey, Florida State University
        Co-founder of the Inter/National Coalition on Electronic Portfolio Research -

        1. The webcast should be available soon.

        2. Note by PJL: employer demands, governmental demands, and student demands are creating perfect storm conditions for the growth of student portfolio websites.

      4. Begin with the End in Mind - Creating Compelling Characteristics
        Mary Zedeck, Hezal Patel, Danielle Mirliss, Seton Hall University
        The construction of electronic portfolios facilitates student self expression and reflection and enables instructors and advisors to obtain a more holistic view of an individual student. The Freshman Studies program at Seton Hall University has embraced this vision of ePortfolios and has supported the creation of freshman ePortfolios as a University Life course requirement.  See Seton Hall links in Item II.A.

      5. A Review of Freshman e-Portfolios Using Persistence Factor Rubrics
        Janet Easterling, Mary Zedeck, Martin Sandler, Seton Hall University

      6. Voice & Reflection in ePortfolios, Multiple Purposes of Digital Stories and Podcasts in ePortfolios,
        Helen Barrett, University of Oregon.  See Item III.
        The ancient art of storytelling can be a powerful tool for deep learning and reflection. Add today’s multimedia technology and you have a highly motivating project-based learning activity as well as a powerful artifact in an electronic portfolio.
        Note by PJL: reflection is the heart and soul of a portfolio.  CQ + PQ > IQ.  CQ curiosity quotient, PQ passion quotient.  Developing a student's CQ and PQ (with a portfolio), enhances the student's intellectual growth (IQ).

      7. ePortfolio in the Business Classroom
        Patrick Lyons, St. John's University.

    2. LaGuardia ePortfolio Project -
      1. Gibbons, B. 2007. “Bernadette’s Basic ePortfolio,” /Basic/bernadette.gibbons.

      2. Rivas, S. 2007. “Shirley Rivas Website,” /Intermediate/shirley.rivasREV.

      3. Mallari, R.B. 2007. “Rachel Bianca Mallari Website,” /Advanced/rachel.mallari.

    3. LaGuardia National ePortfolio Resource Center -

  2. University Websites about Portfolios
    1. Seton Hall

      1. Two presentations at LaGuardia Conference, Items I.A.4 and 5, above.

      2. Summary of Seton Hall ePortfolio project - /MainEngine.nsf/ ?OpenDocument.

      3. Electronic Portfolios in the College of Education and Human Services -

    2. University of Southern California ePortfolio - - has good links

    3. Dartmouth College Portfolio Website. 2007.

    4. Johns Hopkins Digital Portfolio Website. 2007.

    5. Pennsylvania State University e-Portfolio Website. 2007.

      1. Shaffer, D. 2007. “Daniel Shaffer’s Personal Web Portfolio,”

    6. University of Washington Center for Teaching, Learning, and Technology, Catalyst Website. 2007.

      1. Whitman, J. 2007. “Final Portfolio for ENGL 131,”

    7. St. John's University

      1. Heaney-Hunter, J (ed). 2007. Core Curriculum and Discover New York Newsletter, Fall. Vol. 2, Iss. 2.

        1. DiMarco, J. 2006. Web Portfolio Design and Applications. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Publishing, Inc., ISBN: 1-59140-854-7.

        2. DiMarco, J. 2007. “A Statewide Analysis of Student Web Portfolios in New York Colleges and Universities,” International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education, Apr-Jun. Vol. 3, Iss. 2; p. 15 (8 pages).

        3. Fletcher, C. 2006. “e-Portfolios: an Overview of Applications in a Sport Management Course,” St. John’s University Center for Teaching and Learning Newsletter, Vol. 11, Iss. 8, p 5.

      2. Tufano, E. 2007. “Electronic Portfolios as Tools for Organizing Student Information,” Professional Studies Review, Vol. 3, No. 1; pp 19-37.

  3. Helen C. Barrett
    1. Helen Barrett Homepage -

    2. Categories of ePortfolio Tools - - categorization of over 30 eportfolio tools.  Has links to each tool.

    3. Favorite Portfolio Links -

    4. Works -  - links to Dr. Barrett's Online Videos, Podcasts, Publications, Conference Presentations, Workshops.

    5. Whitepaper - - “Researching Electronic Portfolios and Learner Engagement”

  4. References
    1. Greenberg, G. 2004. “The Digital Convergence: Extending the Portfolio Model,” EDUCAUSE Review, vol. 39, no. 4 (July/August 2004), pp 28-36,

    2. Lorenzo, G. and J. Ittelson. 2005. “An Overview of E-Portfolios,”

    3. State of Minnesota eFolio Website. 2007.

  5. My Presentation and Article
    1. ePortfolio in the Business Classroom - at Making Connections: ePortfolios, Integrative Learning and Assessment Conference, LaGuardia Community College, April 11, 2008.

    2. "Student Portfolio Websites: Valuable Communication Aids to Future Employers," Review of Business, St. John’s University, Vol. 28, No. 3; pp33-43.


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