Patrick  J. Lyons


Management professional with a successful history of innovatively applying computer technology to challenging problems. Strong background in management (professor), math (Ph.D.) and engineering (B.E.E.), combined with software and hardware experience, enable me to produce practical results under budget and on time.



Neural Network Training - developed biologically inspired math models to train robust neural networks using the nonlinear Excel Solver. Click for details about training.

Knowledge Acquisition Methodology - developed a four-phased project methodology for knowledge system prototypes. This forms the basis for my book/software, which assists business people in developing working prototypes. 
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MBA Knowledge System Prototypes - managed the development of more than 60 knowledge system prototypes in an MBA MIS course. All prototypes used actual business experience. Some prototypes were developed for:
          Selecting PC word processing packages
          Helping home office employees handle phone inquiries
          Ascertaining if new product can be introduced in specific market
          Determining bid/no-bid for new procurements
          Recommending brokers for sales distribution of wood products
          Determining Medicaid eligibility
          Identifying appropriate grant funding foundations
          Recommending vendor/service for shipping
          Recommending staffing levels for food service.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company - used this methodology on several expert system technology projects.

Interactive Websites - developed Microsoft FrontPage websites that students use to:
          Receive course requirements,
          Obtain class discussion outlines,
          Acquire homework files, and
          Submit class discussion action items. 
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Satellite Attack Warning - developed a pattern matching technique for an intelligence advisory system. My effort was a major reason for a follow-on contract.


   1976 -
Tenured Associate Professor of Management, Peter Tobin College of Business, St. John's University. Teach courses in Management Information Systems, Operations Management, Business Policy Formulation, and Decision Making.

Management Consultant.
          Metropolitan Life - Expert System Technology Transfer Program,
          Chase Manhattan Bank - International Money Transfer Pricing Study,
          United Illuminating - Stores and Supplies Inventory System Program.

   1969 -
Operations Analyst, Operations Analysis/Planning Research, Grumman Aerospace.
Performed analytical studies using management science techniques to determine best use of corporate products:
          Short-Haul Airline Operation,
          Satellite Attack Warning,
          System Selection with Multiple Evaluating Criteria.
   1967 -
Engineer, Systems Design & Analysis, Grumman Aerospace.
Analyzed new product performance, enhanced flight computer software.




Applying Expert System Technology to Business, Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Company, July, 1993. (no coauthors).



"Biologically Inspired Models to Train Neural Networks", Neural Computing & Applications, Springer-Verlag London Ltd, ISSN: 0941-0643, Volume 11, Numbers 3-4, June 2003, pp. 191-202, DOI: 10.1007/s00521-003-0350-7.

"Training Robust Neural Networks by Minimizing Weights not Errors", co-authored with Santanu Kar, Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications on Wall Street, Jun. 8, 1995.

"Using AI Technology for Technology Transfer", co-authored with Thomas Abraham, Larry W. Boone, and Brenda Massetti, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications on Wall Street, Apr. 22, 1993.

"Integrating Neural Networks and Expert Systems for Merger & Acquisition Analysis", co-authored with Stephen C. Persek, Proceedings of the First International Conference on Artificial Intelligence Applications on Wall Street, Oct. 10, 1991.




Ph.D. (applied math) Adelphi University.
M.S. (applied math) Case Institute of Technology.
B.E.E. Manhattan College.


Website development - Microsoft FrontPage, Image Composer, Macromedia Flash
Worksheets - Excel, Lotus
Wordprocessing - Word, WordPerfect
Databases - Access, dBase
Programming - PL/1, Fortran, C, Basic