Businessmen's Retreat - 2000
September 22-24, 2000
Sponsored by Manhattan College

Conducted at the Passionist Spiritual Center
5801 Palisade Avenue, Riverdale, NY, 10471, Phone 718-549-6500

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Bible Study: "A Biblical Perspective on God's Promise to Provide Guidance to Us in Our Daily Lives"

 Speaker - Dave Krueger

David L. Krueger is currently President of KDL Corporation, a business strategy consulting firm.  Dave has worked in the fields of Information Technology, Finance, and Marketing for over thirty years.  He has been involved in the successful "turnarounds" of under performing business operations in both large and small corporations, and has been recognized for his effectiveness in this difficult and complex field.

Outline of Talk

  1. Introduction
    1. Matthew: "This is my son Jesus   . . .   Listen to Him."
    2. I'm a member of the Community of Jesus of which Ron Minor is a subprior.
    3. Balance in our lives requires God's guidance.  This guidance comes from our relationship with God.
  2. Developing a Personal Relationship with Jesus
    1. Essentials
      1. The Eucharist
      2. Silence ("Be still and know that I am God.")
      3. Prayer; but walk the talk, don't just talk it.
      4. Study of scripture; listen to it personally.
    2. We need to take the time to do these things.  But, if you walk an inch, God will walk three miles.
    3. We must submit our wills to God.
    4. A neighbor paid my way to church school; that was a religious experience for me.
    5. A favorite pastor's last sermon before dying of cancer: "The Preciousness of Jesus."  His love for his family, friends, work, etc., were as nothing compared to his spiritual love for his Christ.
  3. Bible Study Exercise
    1. I have a short exercise for you.  Fill in some answers to questions about scripture excerpts and discuss them. (Note by Pat Lyons: If the handout is a Microsoft Word document, then I could include a link to it on this page.)
    2. The exercise will help you learn to look up biblical passages re various situations.
  4. Breakout Group
    1. God might point the way to shore, but we have to row the boat.  But even the rowing is informed by God's will.
    2. The opposite of crisis is not triumph, but routine.  We get lulled into complacency.

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