Businessmen's Retreat - 2002
September 20-22, 2002
Sponsored by Manhattan College

Conducted at the Passionist Spiritual Center
5801 Palisade Avenue, Riverdale, NY, 10471, Phone 718-549-6500

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Title: "A Layman's Introduction to Scripture"

Speaker - Ed Riely

Ed is a member of the Retreat Leadership Committee.

Outline of Talk

    1. Catholics haven't read the Bible.  There are right and wrong ways to study scripture.
    2. Until 1451, only priests and monks had Bibles.
    3. Later, societies used Old Testament stories to justify atrocities against their fellow men.
    4. (A scripture quiz: several questions.)
    5. It's been said that speechwriters, scriptwriters, etc., draw upon scriptural references for most of their ideas.
    6. Suggestion: Take all the Bibles in your house, keep those that have sentimental value, and give away the rest of them.
    7. We've been inhibited from reading the Bible.  It's got 1,500 pages; it has some horrific passages; the print is often small.  Also, different versions of the Bible read differently.
    8. Some people like a today's-English style, while others prefer the traditional usage.

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